About us     

    Lotispalm is the premier destination for women around the world to snag bargains never before seen in traditional retail stores. From dresses to sweaters, bikinis to jumpsuits and everything in between, we take pride in our ability to offer top-tier minus the ridiculous prices.

                                                                    Our story

From day one, our vision for Lotispalm has been to eventually become the biggest, most talked about most reliable wholesale store in the market place. However, simply starting was harder than we could have imagined. Our ambitious goals were met time and again by supply shortages bogus manufacturers and merchandise lost in shipping. After rigorous trial and error, we finally were able to establish a consistent supply, reliable shipping and have grown our catalogue exponentially, but we don't plan to stop there.

                                                           What the Future Holds

Lotispalm has the ambitious goal of rivaling the likes of Amazon and Ebay in terms of volume, shipping efficiency, and range of choices, (all catered towards the woman of course). Our collections grow by the day and they aren't showing any signs of slowing down any time soon.

We aim to become synonymous with women's wholesale. Our goal is to be the first place every woman goes to when she thinks about affordable luxury. We offer unmatched service and quality at unmatched prices. So what are you waiting for? Choose Lotispalm. We got it all for you!